We are bold, ambitious and highly creative, and place huge value on independent thinking. Our success comes from our famous brands and the people who nurture and develop them
Global Citizen

Proudly an Local Company, But Forever a Global Citizen. The concept of “global citizenship” refers to the idea that a person’s or a business’s identity is not limited by their physical location or nationality. In order to exercise rights or responsibilities, one must first be a part of a larger group, in this case, “humanity.”


Jonas Magazines is dedicated to cultivating perpetual personal and vocational advancement throughout all phases of an employee’s professional path.


Jonas Magazine’s dedication to inclusivity is founded upon the collective conviction that novelty arises from the guarantee of a plurality of perspectives being duly acknowledged.

We’re looking for bright, engaged, creative and fun people to join our inspiring team.

Jonas Magazines Publishing & Media Group manages some of the world's most loved brands and has a diverse portfolio that reaches millions of consumers every month.

If you want to work for the leading media company, view our current openings below and apply.

We offer a progressive work environment that inspires creativity, where talent and drive are rewarded by providing a stimulating, fast-paced workplace, competitive benefits and the resources needed to learn, thrive.


We’re a global team of talented creators

To assist our readers make sense of the world around them in these unpredictable times, we’ve covered topics including health hazards and tips for maintaining sanity and productivity at home. Without the efforts of our journalists, data scientists, marketers, designers, engineers, project managers, and countless more, none of this would be possible.

Competitive Pay

We value our employees, so we pay them competitively.

Medical + Dental + Vision

Benefits are important. That’s why we offer a variety of health insurance options.

401(K) Retirement Plans

We’re always looking toward the future, which is why we want to help you prepare for yours.

Wellness Programs

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with our physical and mental wellness programs.

Paid Paternal Leave

New mothers and primary caregivers are eligible for three months of paid leave under our Paid Parental Leave program, while new fathers and secondary carers are eligible for three weeks of paid leave.

Paid Time Off

Taking a moment to refuel may help us think of our next big idea or beat the competition. PMS employees get lots of accrual-free PTO. One “floating holiday” per year is available to our personnel. We also provide our employees four paid volunteer days per year to volunteer at a charity of their choice.

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