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We are improving lives Everyday

At Jonas Magazines Inc, we are about everything; everything that touches the lives of our readers and people who are seeking better opportunities and avenues to lead a successful, brighter and meaningful life. At Jonas Magazines Inc, we live to see people growing more intelligent and more conscious of their surroundings, lifestyles, work and business opportunities, pleasure and entertainment activities.

At the Jonas Magazines Inc, we are busy, around the clock, all 300 of us, in creating best creative knowledge base revolving around everyday lives and experiences.

Why work with us?

Speak of work/life balance and equal opportunity placements; we are keen to bring on board talent which shines and carries its signature across our enterprise – embodying finesse, learning and growth. Jonas’s goal is to create a holistic work culture, which feels like a home away from home.


Creativity requires a private space and lot of freedom, coffee breaks and corner meetings – that’s our open culture. That’s what energizes us with novel ideas and experiments, creating unique and innovative brands, nearly every day.


Our best performers, best entrants, best managers, best employees are rewarded and awarded with recognition – this enables stylish creativity within our teams. We promote improved intellect of our partners, leading us to venture into uncharted yet definitely exciting ventures.

we believe in business growth

Talent wins games, but teamwork and
intelligence wins championships