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Experience and understanding the flow of change in new media
No other media company produces more luxury publications than Jonas Magazines and Publications, so why look somewhere else when publishing your own?

Jonas Magazines Inc. is a well established media and publishing company which has well invested channels to promote businesses and products, informing and creating valuable customer base for its advertisers.

With its soundly grounded marketing and branding strategies – it’s licensing partners are given a unique opportunity to showcase their business finesse and product across a large customer segment.

We provide a unique platform which brand reinforce for our partners seeking to integrate further and faster into the market with our hallmark which represents credibility and confidence in our licensing partner’s programs and business.

Global Brand Licensing
International Luxury Brands
Luxury Living by Therajon
Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine
Worldwide Travel Magazine
Residences by Sommerlz
Exclusive Villas & Properties Magazine
Luxuori Collection
Luxury Travel & lifestyle Magazine
Properties by Luxuori
Worldwide Luxury Real Estate
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