We've built The Global Media Platform

We've built The Global Media Platform

The High-Quality Reach & Attention your Ads Deserve

In the digital landscape, reach often comes at the expense of quality. Teads has brought together most of the world’s best publishers on a single platform, to deliver mass reach for advertisers in high quality environments.
Reach over 1.9 billion people every month.

Why Choose Us?
Built on billions of consumer interactions and content signals

Works across premium, programmatic, branded content & content marketing

Reach the right person, at the right time - without cookies

In the realm of digital media, the extent of one’s audience often comes at the cost of the level of excellence or superiority. JonasREV has curated a comprehensive network that unites the world’s top publishers, enabling marketers to achieve widespread exposure in premium settings.
Access an audience of over 1.9 billion individuals on a monthly basis.

The Collab

Support across our brands.

The collaboration provides a distinctive solution that enables brands and agencies to focus on specific audiences using strategic consumer data. Jonas Ad Manager (JONASAM) is a self-serve AI platform that enables SMEs to use the platform’s data for improved audience targeting, resulting in more informed marketing decisions.

JONASAM serves as the initial platform for launching advertising campaigns and effectively targeting your desired audience in order to expand your business. RAM, in essence, is a proficient instrument that facilitates the seamless creation and administration of advertisements.

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