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Unique Licensing Opportunities across our brands.

We’re never just a name on the box, we’re a true partnership. Our licensing services extend from product development to marketing support. We’ve spent several building trust in our brands. Now let us bring that trust – along with our unparalleled consumer insight – to your products and services. Leveraging the experience of Jonas Magazines Brand Licensing.

Through the unique value proposition of a media company, which provides brand reinforcement 365 days a year and several native promotional channels for our licensed products, we help our licensing partners go to market further and faster using a licensed Jonas trademark that lends recognition and credibility across a broad segment of consumers.

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Trusted household names

Luxuori, Therajon, Sommerlz … our titles are known and loved by consumers the world over. Partner with a Jonas brand and benefit from this hard-won trust.

High-value brands

All of our world-class brands come with influence, reach and value. Join forces with one of them, set your price to match, and watch your average order value and basket size blossom.

Respected tastemakers

Our editors are some of the most influential tastemakers in the world. Their insight can be your insight, as you work together to develop the product your customers can’t live without.


Forges deep connections between brands and the consumers who love them.

Global Licensing and Brand Development

Jonas Global Licensing & Brand Development creates brand extension strategies yielding licensing partnerships that expand IP content. The team creates enterprise value by building lifestyle franchise opportunities across a wide range of targeted demographics, retail and e-commerce distribution channels, categories, and robust consumer experiences. We work seamlessly and collaboratively with our editors, publishers, agents, retailers, and manufacturer partners on a worldwide basis to develop licensed products and branded programs that are on-trend and exude quality, value, style, and results.

Finding great content shouldn't be hard.

What sets us apart?

As Jonas Magazines’ corporate sales, marketing and operations team, Jonas Media Solutions services clients across the entire range of advertising categories and across all platforms including print, digital, video, social, OTT, experiential and more. A dedicated team represents Jonas’s authoritative brands, which reach 12 million digital readers providing custom, holistic business solutions.

Data drives every aspect of the approach, from content development to distribution to commerce solutions. The team solves business problems with editorial minds, utilizing premium storytelling to engage consumers, fulfilling client KPIs with measurable results.

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