Jonas Launches Its Own Collection of Luxury, Interior and Vacation Magazine Editions

Showcasing Creativity and Originality

September 25, 2023 08:00 ET | Source: Kliek Media

Miami, FL–(Jonas Magazines – September 25th, 2023) — Jonas Magazines is a lifestyle publication group – covering a vast range of luxury lifestyle including interiors, fashion, luxury items and accessories, technology, high-end vacationing, business and apparel.

With so much to cover, Jonas and its creative team has already made a remarkable start by covering some of the most influential and palatial organizations and icons. The finesse they reinvent everyday is the originality and genuine content.

The purpose is not to woo people and overwhelm them. But the vision is to create a steady stream of readers who are willing to improve their lives every day. Publishing under the name of – Sommerlz, Therajon Luxury Living, Portico Decor and Luxuori – the magazine publishers are using modern technologies and very sharp creative ideas, which will take you the very high-end world of luxury, which remains a mystery and a tight locked secret.

Opening up avenues in visuals, the CEO of Jonas Magazines, Lisa Yarde, is poised and determined to take up the segment with an aggressive mode – “we are looking at very content article and unique market segments, people know little about. With the publications, we plan to cover many areas, which will help people not only to transform but generate business ideas and ventures. After all, luxury is a big market but with very less stakeholders. So why not us?”

The newly appointed CEO, Lisa Yarde also thinks, the readership, which is acquired through various mediums through acquired data and personal, social networks – will increase dramatically. The reason, she cites, is the unique content, which is helpful for any individual to transform within weeks and adapt to a new lifestyle. The readership targeted here is the high-end upscale market, which will find ample happenings around luxury lifestyle announced every week. Aimed at the people who are tech-savvy and seeking business-forward trends, Jonas publications will bring modern and elitist combined news, updates, editorials, features, and interviews. This will showcase the latest happenings in the media, tourism, luxury, lifestyle, fashion, technology, gadgets, home décor industries.

Jonas Magazines is upgrade to your lifestyle, this is the vision that backs Jonas Magazines for the next decade.

About Jonas Magazines
Jonas Magazines Corporation ( is one of the Caribbean’s largest diversified media companies with more than 10 multichannel brands extending into all platforms, including magazines, digital media, events, and product licensing. Jonas Magazines brands include Sommerlz, Luxuori, Therajon and Oceans 5 Magazine. Jonas Magazines has been acquired and owned by Jonas Media Group, a multichannel media conglomerate operating worldwide